15th Hungarian Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology

The demands towards psychopharmacology – is there a consensus?

4- 6 October 2012, Tihany


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Dear Colleagues,

The board of the Hungarian Association of Psychopharmacologists feels honoured to invite you to the jubilant 15th Hungarian Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology.

The scientific  programme will be in the traditional framework of preliminary sessions, symposia, workshops and poster sessions. It is an exceptional opportunity to access the latest achievements of well-known Hungarian and international experts via presentations, discussions  and consultations. One of the main topics this year will be the current state of psychopharmacology; through critical appraisal of consensus versus contradiction we aim to find more efficient therapeutic options.

We hope to welcome you in Tihany this Autumn!   

Peter Gaszner        Gabor Faludi
Congress Chair          Congress co-chair


Scientific programme

The role of the glutamatergic pathway in the pathogenesis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders • Ethical Roundtable on our main topic • New therapeutic guidelines in neurology • Demands towards psychopharmacology • Stigmatisation versus personalised psychopharmacology • The genetics of addiction • The diagnostic features of pharmacological research • Young Scientists Forum



Bagdy György, Baran Brigitta, Berecz Roland, Borvendég János, 
Csibri Éva, Faludi Gábor,
Gonda Xénia, Kéri Szabolcs, Kovács Gábor, 
Kovács Ildikó, Mirnics Károly, Palkovits Miklós,
Péter László, 
Rihmer Zoltán, Sasvári Mária, Tolna Judit, Vécsei László, Vizy János

Deadline for submission of posters: 20 August 2012



Please click here for the registration.