Neuropsychopharmacologia Hungarica

2009. március, XI. évfolyam 1. szám [translated version]

Eredeti közlemény

A szkizofrénia komplex terápiája

Gaszner Péter
SE Pszichiátriai és Pszichoterápiás Klinika, Budapest, Hungary


Original paper

Complex therapy of schizophrenia

Peter Gaszner
SE Pszichiátriai és Pszichoterápiás Klinika, Budapest, Hungary

Schizoprenia is not a consistent illness, but the symptoms free state do may achive with different methods. During the last fifty years the clinical psychopharmacology improved very quickly, but the psychotherapy and sociotherapy as well. The complex therapy of schizophrenia is a new method: the psychopharmacons together with psychotherapy (first of all with cognitive one), sociotherapy and psychiatric rehabilitation. During the acute or chronic phase of schizophrenia the psychopharmacons are the first line treatment, but the complex therapy is better. In the last forty years we tested this new therapy, finally conducted a clinical trial: with one psychopharmacon (monotherapy), with two or three psychopharmacons (combination) and with the complex therapy (one psychopharmacon together with psychotherapy, sociotherapy and psychiatric rehabilitation). The antipsychotics, first of all the second generations have a very good efficacy. Risperidone is proven to be an efficient product. Fields of indication: first psychotic episode, acut schizophrenic exacerbation, chronic schizophrenia, the treatment of behavior disorder in dementia, maniac phase of bipolar disorder, treatment of behavioral disorders.

Keywords: schizophrenia, biological psychiatric therapy, complex therapy, risperidone