The operation of HAP

The conditions of functioning are laid down in the constitution of HAP, and in addition to this, we register as patron members all psychiatrists and neurologists listed in the registry of the Hungarian Chamber of Physicians.

     The number of Directorial Board members is determined by the general meeting. If a Directorial Board member is permanently hindered in his function, the Directorial Board coopts instead of the elected member until the next general meeting. The Directorial Board stays in office for a minimum of one and a maximum of three months after the general reelection meeting for the Presidential Board, and prepares the first meeting of the new board.

     In the meetings, the Directorial Board monitors the activity of the Presidential Board based on the written material proposed by the chief secretary, and decides about theoretical and practical issues. The Directorial Board supervises the scientific, educational, organizational and publication activity of HAP. The agenda and the corresponding written material must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

     The members of the Presidential Board of HAP: president, chief secretar, and further members may be: vice president, elected on recommendation by the president, and treasurer, elected on the recommendation of the chief secretary. The president and the chief secretary may be reelected for the same office a single time, and for other positions they can be reelected. Further members of the Presidential Board are re-electable without limitation. Twice a year the Directorial Board meets according to the requirements of the Presidential Board, but it assembles at least four times a year. The chief secretary ensures that the material to be discussed during the Presidential Board meetings are provided to the members of the Presidential Board at least one week prior to the meeting. In the period between meetings the proceedings of the HAP are directed by the president and the chief secretary. The chief secretary ensures that the administration (member registry, payment of membership fees), correspondence, public relationships, educational, scientific, organizational and publication activity of HAP go smoothly. The president, the chief secretary and the treasurer are together responsible for the professional and economic functioning of HAP.